Tire tube lifter
VacuEasylift VM160 TAWI


  • Product applications:

    for tires


VacuEasylift ergonomic vacuum lifter – eliminates difficult and heavy manual handling

At TAWI we develop and manufacture complete ergonomic solutions for lighter and safer lifting. Our lifting solutions can contribute to better work environments, increased effectiveness and reduced costs for our customers all over the world. VacuEasylift vacuum lifter makes lifting ergonomic, easy and safe in all possible working conditions. With this lifter the operator can lift, lower, rotate and tilt loads using vacuum. Ergonomics is always in focus when we design our lifting equipment and TAWI products, including VacuEasylift, have received the seal of approval of AGR e.V (campaign for healthier backs) in recognition for manufacturing back friendly products.

Smooth and quick handling is also guaranteed with VacuEasylift by using one handle to lift, lower and release the load, while vacuum is used to hold and lift the load. By adding a quick-coupling the operator can easily change tools on the lifter, thereby making it possible to handle different kinds of goods with the same vacuum liter. Bales, sacks, boxes, drums, sheets and tyres are only a few examples of the great variation of goods that can be handled with the ergonomic VacuEasylift.


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