Reel lifting device
PRO40-250 TAWI


  • Product applications:

    for reels


Leave the heavy lifting to ergonomic lifting equipment from TAWI and save yourself from aching shoulders, back and knees. With an electric Protema lifter, large and heavy goods can be handled by one single person, saving valuable time and resources for your business.

The new generation ergonomic lifters from TAWI are:

SAFE AND RELIABLE, with a safety mechanism ensuring that if a tool hits an object during lowering, it will stop immediately.

FLEXIBLE, with a modular construction making it easy to adjust the lifter for various applications such as reels, drums, crates and boxes. Lifting capacities of 40-250 kg.

ERGONOMIC, minimizing the strain on backs, knees and shoulders. Equipped with an ergonomic handle for easy operation.

EFFICIENT, with a detachable battery pack making it easy to switch batteries. No cables.

The new generation Protema lifters will be launched at Interpack 2017.


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