Container vacuum lifting device / horizontal


  • Product applications:

    for containers

  • Options:


  • Number of cups:

    2 unit

  • Carrying capacity:

    40 kg (88.18 lb)


TAWI VacuEasylift tube lifter is suitable for lifting various types of reels. These include metal tubes, long and bulky textile rolls, paper rolls, etc. Typically, a textile reel is very heavy and it requires minimum two employees for every lift. However, with a vacuum lifter in the tapestry/textile plant, a single staff can handle this lifting.

The suction cup can allows bending to a certain extent to fit optimally on the roll top. A very long roll is usually stabilized with a twin suction foot as opposed to a single suction cup. In a usual roll handling installation, a suction cup is fixed to the roll top. This is model VM160 with an expanded, adaptable handle.


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