Drum tube lifter


  • Product applications:

    for drums

  • Number of cups:

    1 unit


VacuCobra is often used for lifting drums in a clean room environment. Manufacturing sterile products should be carried out in clean areas, where entry is be done through airlocks for personnel as well as for materials and equipment. Clean areas should be maintained to an appropriate standard of cleanliness, supplied with air that has passed through filters of an appropriate standard. When it comes to manufacturing sterile medicinal products, there are four grades that can normally be distinguished, with a variation of classification when manufacturing the airborne particulate.

VacuCobra comes in a stainless steel configuration, with a suction cup in silicon rubber. The air-cooled, oil-free working rotary vane vacuum pump comes with a 1.5kW effect, being used in the basic version, while the vacuum pump is delivered with a built-in filter ideal for clean environments. Extra filters are also available for dusty environments.


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