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The TUSCAN column sampler delivers content of the AOX column into the XPLORER sample boat. Once the columns are placed in the TUSCAN, TEIS software controls the introduction of samples. Assisted by boat introduction, there is full control over the combustion speed of sample and carbon. The TUSCAN is capable of introducing 42 columns without any intervention.

Installing and operating the Tuscan is quick and easy. Installation and repositioning of the sampler takes about 10 seconds, removing about 3 seconds. No calibration requirements at all. Mechanical fixture and power/control connections are fully integrated. After a complete tray of AOX samples, only some remains are left in the boat.

Because of the horizontal position of the furnace tube, there is absolutely no need for removing the combustion tube from the hot furnace. Removing ash and ceramic wool remains, by emptying the boat, only takes about 1 minute!