CAM software / for multi-function milling-turning machines / 2D/3D



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    for multi-function milling-turning machines

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With the new Tebis turning module, end-to-end programming with a single software that effortlessly exploits all advantages of the system has become a reality. The possibility of combining drilling, turning, and milling operations in a single setup significantly reduces manufacturing times while enabling a high degree of specialization.
The powerful individual functions of the Tebis solution have already been proven to be impressive. They include all functions for the turning of contours, grooves, and threads as well as end-face drilling. There is also the option to derive a rotation profile automatically from 2D curves and 3D data. The turning module is also fully integrated in the job manager and the Tebis Simulator, so NC programming is even more effective. With just a few clicks of the mouse, you can produce optimized NC programs containing collision-checked tool assemblies, even for complex parts.
Despite a high degree of automation, the user still has extensive opportunities to flexibly respond to any requirement, always with the goal of minimizing programming and manufacturing times. Decisions about the correct setup, the most suitable technology parameters, and the behavior of individual machine components have already been made during programming, instead of in the workshop