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Every Tebis workstation comes with a comprehensive range of useful functions and commands no matter which modules are installed:

Wire frame model design: Do all design tasks necessary to create wire frame models. Create limiting and guide curves as well as auxiliary elements such as planes and axis systems in preparation for milling. Use edit functions to move, rotate, trim and limit existing curves and surfaces.
Analysis: Evaluate design quality, determine modified areas with the distance analysis function, look for undercut areas with the slope analyzer and check entire components for fillet surfaces and planar areas.
Navigation: Use the structure tree to display component areas individually or in groups, create new layers and filters and modify their contents. The toolbar lets you control component animation and determine whether to display the CAD model with shading, with the lines hidden or as a wire frame model.
Documentation: Use the documentation functions to send views and sections to the printer or plotter and write them to files.
System settings: The Base module provides an extensive
configuration mode, where you can set individual parameters
in Tebis, such as the graphic display of geometry elements,
the selection performance and automatic name assignments.


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