CAD import and post-processing software


The Digitized Data Processing module gives you CAD tools for further processing optically or mechanically digitized surfaces. They close gaps, tighten and smooth surfaces, bend and trim them to curves and generate closed mesh models that you can scale as needed. This gives you a very powerful software for quickly transferring an existing physical object to the CAD world, modifying it there and preparing it for rapid surface design or NC programming.

Tebis imports your original digitized data from a variety of sensor systems along with any precalculated STL files, turning them into high-quality CAD mesh surfaces that you can process further as you wish, using Tebis editor functions.

The Tebis hybrid technology permits any combinations of the mesh data with polynomial surfaces. You’ll benefit from the greatest possible degree of flexibility: you design with meshes wherever these elements are useful. Wherever necessary, you can add exact surfaces via sections or using the RSC CAD module.

To convey mesh models or hybrid models consisting of meshes and polynomial surfaces to the real world quickly and precisely, just use the Tebis CAM modules, which work on mesh and hybrid models as efficiently as they do on surface data.


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