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Tebis roughing involves removing stock from a user-defined blank plane by plane from top to bottom, thereby approaching the desired target geometry in a terraced representation. The virtual tracking function lets you see, as early as the program calculation stage, exactly what the part will look like on the real machine.

Intelligent algorithms also make sure that contour characteristics are gradual and gentle on the tool, enabling you to mill at very high feed rates. Depending on the tool contact, Tebis outputs different feed rates, reducing the feed rate when making a full cut for example. As a further advantage, continuous collision protection is run on current machining states and not only the target geometry to be achieved.
Material thickness analysis for efficient remachining

The intermediate geometries calculated by Tebis also provide information about the thickness of the material remaining on the target geometry. This function quickly, reliably and precisely finds the sites in the component that still contain too much material. And that makes possible extremly efficient strategies such as machining with large milling tools and high cutting capacity, coupled with remachining programs that are applied only to the areas where material still remains.