CAD part inspection comparison software

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CAD part inspection comparison software CAD part inspection comparison software


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    CAD part inspection comparison


Tebis Surface Measuring is a stand-alone software package that provides direct comparisons between a real component and its counterpart in the CAD environment. The basic functions and measuring workstation operations closely resemble those of Tebis CAD/CAM stations, which makes it easy to integrate them into existing processes.

The system provides a direct comparison between any determined measuring points and the CAD model, which was also the basis for the component during NC programming. This gives you a direct setpoint/actual value comparison between the finished component surface and the corresponding CAD data model.

User-friendly alignment functions

Before you take any actual measurements, easy-to-use functions help you align the component and probe. The calibration routines that come with the system let you clamp the component in any position on the measuring table. You then scan the desired component position to determine the coordinate transformation values needed for the setpoint/actual value comparison. You can also determine the component position on standard entities, base plates or by applying iterative alignment procedures to the freeform geometry.

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