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With the Tebis CAM module for 5-Axis Trimming, you can create 3- to 5-axis NC programs for trimming in offline mode. In doing so, you will move the teach-in process for your trimming steps from the machine to the virtual world of the CAD/CAM seat thus reducing costs and downtime.
The softwares’ application areas range from trimming vacuumformed plastic parts to machining carbon and glass fiber-reinforced plastic parts and the use of robots for serial production. Tebis supports the machines of all the popular manufacturers.
Graphically interactive follow-up treatment of NC paths

Users can comfortably simulate and analyze calculated contours. The system automatically recognizes and graphically highlights areas with major rotational movements of the machine head or high lateral inclination just as it recognizes and highlights areas at risk for collisions. Powerful, graphically interactive functions are available for subsequent processing of the identified path areas.