CAD software / FEM / reverse engineering


  • Function:

    CAD, FEM

  • Applications:

    reverse engineering


Using the Tebis Reverser, you generate design surfaces with reverse engineering and adapt obsolete surface models to newly scanned surfaces. For that purpose you store an STL or FEM mesh with the surface model. The associative surface technology ensures tangentially constant transitions and smooth surface progressions.

The Tebis Reverser contains all functions for the generation of wireframe and surface models. Using the semi-automatic and interactive drawing functions, you can generate a wireframe model based on the scanned object, with which you control the distance of the surfaces to the mesh, degree and segmentation of the surfaces and the surface transitions. Tebis will completely automatically calculate the surface model from the wireframe model and the meshes. You can quickly decide which areas should be filled with trimmed surfaces and which with untrimmed surfaces with four boundary curves. You thus generate design-compliant surface layouts gladly accepted and further processed by downstream designers. Time-consuming redesign is eliminated.