Optical NIR spectrometer
960 - 2170 nm | MultiSpec® NIR tec5 AG

MultiSpec® NIR is part of the modular MultiSpec® family of fast and simultaneously measuring diode-array spectrometers. tec5 instruments are equipped with latest (extended) InGaAs technology providing a high dynamic range of up to 16-bit and a high-stable, longlife halogen lamp.

Multiple Measurement Channels Multiplexer Technology

The combination with the optical multiplexer MUX-FSM - based on latest piezo-technology - allows the measurement of up to eight measurement channels. Typical attributes include a high switching frequency of 20 ms, high efficiency, outstanding reproducibility and a long life time.
Alternatively, a sequential 2-channel multiplexer (MUX-2OPT) is offered. This can be used for direct referencing of the light source to compensate long-term variations or for measuring spectra at two different measurement points.


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