NIR spectrometer / optical / laboratory / modular
960 - 2170 nm | MultiSpec® NIR tec5 AG


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    NIR, optical

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Tech5's MultiSpec® is a modular spectrometer system based on the 19" chassis design. This system is capable of fast and simultaneous readout for the UV-VIS-NIR and Raman. Various spectral ranges, resolutions and PC-interfaces are available. Complete spectra could be acquired within milliseconds. The integrated spectrometer modules are high-performance optical components from Carl Zeiss, built without moving parts, high reliability and long-term stability. Modern multiplexer technology enables multi-channel sampling of up to 8 measuring points. The standardized SMA-connectors on the front side allow easy connection of fiber-optics and various probes. In addition, it allows the measurement of up to eight measurement channels. Typical attributes include a high switching frequency of 20 ms.


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