robotic assembly cell / mounting / for glazing



  • Function:

    assembly, mounting

  • Applications:

    for glazing


TECAUMA has developed and patented a glazing-bead fitting robot.
This innovative robotic process automatically fits glazing beads into PVC frames (windows or doors).

It has many assets :
- Ergonomics and safety : this robot puts an end to the numerous repetitive strain injuries caused by the manual operation of glazing-bead fitting. In the manual operation, an operator has to give several hammer blows to fit the glazing bead into the frame, and it causes regular injuries and sick leaves.
- A quality result : this process eliminates the risk of breaking the glass pane. The glazing beads and frames are preserved from manual handling damages.
- A full adaptability : the robot can be set in production with several types of frames and glazing beads. It is adaptable to new ranges of products, and it is simple to use and to integrate to the existing lines.
- Improved technology due to robotics : This process is reliable, the moves are precise and the fitting force is controlled.