scissor lift table / hydraulic / battery-powered / mobile



  • Technology:


  • Operation:

    hydraulic, battery-powered

  • Other characteristics:

    mobile, for heavy loads

  • Capacity:

    999 kg, 600 kg (2,202.4 lb)

  • Lift:

    1,530 mm


TECAUMA's lift table is adapted to the handling of heavy loads. It is mobile and autonomous, as it works on battery. It offers an ergonomic working area, above and under the products. It has a great amplitude : from 630mm to work above the products, to 1530mm to work under the products. It has a high load capacity : it can raise load up to 999kg when anchored to the floor, 600kg without anchoring (for movement). The lift table is mobile : it moves forward up to 3,96km/h, and it can also make backward motions and rotations. The driving is intuitive, with remote control. The worktable can be extended from 1700 x 2350 mm to 3520 x 2350 mm (for big products). The lift table can be used with the load not centered on the table.