robotic assembly cell / for glazing

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robotic assembly cell / for glazing robotic assembly cell / for glazing - M021
  • Robotic assembly cell / for glazing


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    for glazing


The window glazing robot is an innovation which was developped by TECAUMA. The robot sets the glass automatically into an opening sash or an assembled window. This solution is evolutive, and compatible with a large number of windows.
This process makes it possible to gain productivity : the glass is gripped automatically on a pallet, a glass trolley or a conveyor. The glass pallets and trolleys are managed automatically.
The reliability is guaranteed by the vision system which checks the exact position of the sash, which makes it possible to master the possible manufacturing inaccuracies. The quality is steady thanks to the repeatability of the robot.
TECAUMA’s window glazing robot eliminates the risks of glass breakage and tough manual handling of the glasses by the operators.