robotic loading cell / palletizing / unloading / for machine tools



  • Function:

    loading, palletizing, unloading

  • Applications:

    for machine tools, for the automotive industry, for medical applications, for the aeronautical industry

  • Other characteristics:



ROBOTFLEX is a robot for CNC machine loading and unloading

ROBOTFLEX is a robot for CNC machine loading and unloading, which makes it possible for machining professionals to robotize their CN turning and machining centers.

ROBOTFLEX can be integrated on new machines or on machines which are already in production, all brands. Loading the workpieces is easy and quick, thanks to guiding technics. The final parts are palletized automatically by the robot. So the robot can work autonomously on a complete serie. The operator only intervenes to parameter a new serie.

ROBOTFLEX is a solution to the hiring problems which machining professionals face with : lack of workforce, difficulties to hire. It allows them to suppress tough and repetitive tasks, to concentrate the operators on more qualifying tasks like programming and quality control.

Thanks to ROBOTFLEX, the machines can also produce at night, during break times, during week-ends… This boosts the cost-effectiveness of the CNC machines, as well as the productivity and flexibility of the company, to fulfill their customers’ urgent orders.