liquid dispensing system / volumetric / manual
TS250 , TS255 series TECHCON SYSTEMS



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The TS250 dispenses low, medium and high-viscosity fluids accurately and consistently. The TS250/255 Series is immediately usable anywhere in the world with its accompanying tools, accessories and universal power supply.
The modern-style enclosure has a small footprint and conserves workspace through exterior design that allows multiple units to be stacked and fastened on top of each other. A highly responsive air pressure and vacuum management system, coupled with a digital timing circuit, provides consistent and repeatable fluid dispensing and material waste control. User friendly firmware provides quick and easy setup function. Available in two versions of operating pressure: 1 -100psi (0.07 - 6.9bar) for general applications, and 0 - 15psi (0.07 - 1.0bar) for specific low viscosity applications.
The TSD800-6 air filter must be installed with the dispenser to ensure proper air filtration. It is not included with the unit. Please remember to purchase it together with the dispenser.