Dry-block temperature calibrator: high-temperatures
150 - 1 200 °C | Tecal 1200S Techne Calibration

The Tecal 1200S High Temperature Portable Calibration Furnace offers optimum perfomance from 150°C to 1200°C.
Wide Temperature range
Simple to use
Multi-hole interchangeable insert for accurate calibration
Solid block giving unrivalled temperature uniformity
Rapid heating rates
RS-232 comms for use with Techneworks Software
Rugged case with Carry handle
Very economically priced
The Tecal 1200S Block calibrator utilises a special heater design for optimum temperature uniformity and rapid heating rates.
The isothermal block assembly is machined from a special alloy giving excellent thermal conductivity which also resists high-temperature oxidation. This block is designed to optimize performance between sufficient mass for good stability and uniformity but a low enough mass to achieve rapid heating/cooling rates and stabilization periods.
The standard block has 4 immersion test holes accepting Ø8mm probes x 80 mm deep for use with a reference probe typically an R or S type thermocouple or an SPRT.


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