Temperature calibrator / high-temperature / dry-block
150 - 1 200 °C | Tecal 1200S Techne Calibration


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    high-temperature, dry-block


Techne Calibration's Tecal 1200S is a high-temperature portable calibration furnace. It is a device that offers a performance temperature that ranges from 150°C up to 1200°C. The tool is equipped with a multi-hole interchangeable insert for accurate calibration and solid block, resulting in temperature uniformity. This portable calibration is integrated with a rugged case that has a carry handle, and a RS-232 comms that can be used with the Techneworks Software.

The block calibrator utilizes a heater designed for temperature uniformity and rapid heating rates. In addition, it is engineered to update the performance rate between sufficient mass for good stability and uniformity, but contains a low enough mass to achieve rapid heating or cooling rates, and stabilization periods.


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