height adjustment system

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height adjustment system height adjustment system


Technifor offers various possibilities for the height adjustment of your marking heads on your production lines.
This type of accessory facilitates integration and guarantees precise and consistent marking:

- Automatic release from the machine after marking for the loading/unloading of parts
- Absorption of the height differences of the parts
- Helps with maintenance services when adjusting the height of the stylus tip

Manual adjustment using the CHR accessory: a simple, reliable and economical accessory. Adjustment using a threaded rod with a round handle.

Pneumatic adjustment with the UPP50 pneumatic positioning unit:
Controlled by the marking machine via the standard integrated input/output card: No PLC required to manage this function.
Configuration of the advance distance in steps of 10 mm (up to 50 mm).
Adjustable movement speed by adjusting the air pressure
Industrial design made to meet the constraints of intensive production (operating in 3x 8hr shifts, in industrial environments, etc)
Integrable in all positions: Vertical or horizontal