pneumatic marking machine / dot peen / for integration / automated



  • Technique:

    dot peen

  • Configuration:

    for integration

  • Other characteristics:

    automated, compact, high-speed, programmable, pneumatic, for bearings, traceability, for flat and cylindrical objects, for metal, for aluminum, for plastics, for tubes, for wood, data-matrix

  • X travel:

    100, 200, 50

  • Y travel:

    20, 80


The XF510m is designed to offer the precision and quality that electromagnetic micro-percussion can provide. The device is fitted with a powerful electromagnet which is capable to mark any material (up to 62HRc). The precise control unit enables force adjustment in hundredths making the unit suitable for even the most delicate materials. The complete technology simply needs an electrical supply. The software enables fine tuning from very light to deep marking.

The high performance precise marking stylus ensures optimal management of the position and force of each impact to produce the desired marking result ideally suited to mark Data Matrix™ codes (ECC200, UID) and 5x7 font. This range is particularly suited to the marking of 2D codes (Data MatrixTM ECC200, UID etc.). The device features marking window of XF510Cm with 50x20 mm, XF510Sm with 100x80 mm and XF510Dm with 200x80 mm.