Dot peen marking machine


  • Technique:

    dot peen


This micro-percussion marking unit is made to work for managing different instruments. This is made to work with many shapes that can be marked. This uses a sighting diode that previews the marketing and works with an ergonomic body that is easy to add.

No PC is required to make this work; this is designed with a direct marketing setup that does not require stickers that can fall off. The surgeon will certainly benefit from this setup. This does not require an interference setup between different instruments. A marking technique is also made to work with a useful setup that is supporting for autonomy to manage a unit so instruments will not be out of service for an extended period of time.

The Data Matrix Code is made to work with patient controls to manage instrument boxes with ease and can work with a Unique Data Matrix code setting that can handle sterilization. Code reading is also available even with smaller codes that work with larger encoding features. This may work for a lifetime.


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