UV dryer / continuous / curing / with belt conveyor
AKTIPRINT Mini/e Technigraf GmbH


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    with belt conveyor


The AKTIPRINT Mini/e, our smallest UV conveyor belt dryer, has been designed as a continuous throughput unit for rapidly curing UV inks, UV varnishes and UV adhesives in the smallest format printing range. The AKTIPRINT Mini/e is ideally suited for testing purposes and continuous production on flat materials and molded parts.
The single lamp AKTIPRINT Mini/e SMALL UV DRYER is delivered ready for use. No ozone exhaust system is required.

Two sizes are available:
12 cm (Throughput Width = 11 cm)
18 cm (Throughput Width = 17 cm)

Conveyor belt length: 75 cm
The conveyor belt speed is continuously adjustable from 3 to 12 m/min.