Powder coating system
Tecnofirma spa


Powder painting represents the optimum solution for various industrial components and is increasingly used thanks to the total absence of emission of solvents, the total recovery of the overspray and the easiness of automatic application.

The typical system is made up of a pre-treatment tunnel, a drying oven, a mono-colour or colour change booth, polymerization oven, overhead conveyor; alternatively for large-sized components, treatment cells with step advance are used.

- Excellent surface resistance
- Automatic application
- Manual application with unskilled personnel
- High productivity
- Recovery of overspray
- Solvent-free

- Difficult to apply on very heavy structures as the polymerization requires the piece to reach the temperature of 160 ­ 180° for 15-20 mins.
- It can often not be applied to details that are already assembled, again because of the high temperatures
- Uneconomic if many colours in small batches have to be handled
- Not applicable to materials that cannot exceed certain temperatures


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