high-speed door / rolling / fabric / industrial
Speed Roll “4S” Tecnoindustriale s.r.l.



  • Type:


  • Material:


  • Applications:

    industrial, indoor

  • Other characteristics:

    high-speed, insulated


Self-bearing structure made of folded hot galvanised steel profiles.
Legs border with black PVC brushes to reduce mantle wear.
PVC double-spreaded high resistance polyester flexible mantle, Class 2 fire resistant, equipped with pockets for lodging of reinforcing bars and transparent windows on third section (standard at man’s height).
Reinforcing bars against wind load and/or depression made of galvanised steel and inserted in heat-welded pockets in the mantle, easy-to-change and strenghten in case of crash.
Galvanised steel rolling shaft rotating on supports with self-aligning sphered bearings.
Self-braking three-phase motor group, 230V 1 HP power (0,75 Kw), rapid electromagnetic brake and galvanised steel protection cover.
Double cam rotating limit switch group (Open-Close-Stop).
230V single-phase multifunction “4S” control board compliant to CE regulations with integrated push buttons and frequency variation with inverter. Opening and closing acceleration ramps with trimmer. Opening/closing speed with. Partial opening with trimmer. Input monitoring with led. Customised functions available. Door working even with lack of power with specific external backup battery (available on request).
Multifunction control board with integrated push buttons compliant to CEI regulations (IP 55 protection)
Partial opening (walking speed).
Motor unlocking and hand crank for manual opening in case of lack of power or damage.
N. 1 couple of adjustable safety photocells.
N. 2 24V blinkers.
Electronic sensitive safety edge in conductive rubber with self-testing board.
External push button panel with opening START + emergency STOP buttons.
Speed up to 1,2 m/sec