single-screw extruder / grooved feed
DN 30 - 120 | ATLAS Tecnomatic



  • Number of screws:


  • Other characteristics:

    grooved feed

  • Output:

    Min.: 50 kg/h (110.2311 lb/h)

    Max.: 1,050 kg/h (2,314.8538 lb/h)

  • Screw diameter:

    Min.: 30 mm

    Max.: 120 mm


ATLAS is fully tested solution for all pipe application. Introduced several years ago it was the first Tecnomatic extruder to adopt a mixing barrier screw and grooved feed bush technology. Characterized by a solid steel supporting structure, is manufactured in several version with different gear ratios, driving powers and torques. The concept at the base was developed to fit the user with an ideal situation, with a multi-purpose machine able to grant a high level of versatility processing a broad selection of raw materials with a wide range of throughput rates.

Even today, the excellent price/quality-to-performance ratio, of these models for universal use, makes them the perfect choice for many applications and markets.

Precision, robustness and technical reliability is proven by over ten years’ sales worldwide, in standard or toughest environments conditions, in the pipe industries and in special application that demands flexible and versatile machines.