Cogeneration plant
100 - 125 kW | InVerde™ TECOGEN

Ultra-Low Emissions Enhances Advanced Technology CHP Module

Tecogen is proud to introduce the InVerde Ultra 100 CHP module, the first and only natural gas engine-driven CHP system able to operate within the extremely low levels of regulated pollutants allowed by the distributed generation regulations for 2007 set by the California Air Resources Board (CARB). The InVerde Ultra 100 emissions not only meet, but exceed the stringent CARB 2007 regulations by utilizing Tecogen technology developed under a California Energy Commission (CEC) sponsored research program (co-sponsored by Sempra Utilities’ Southern California Gas division).

All of our Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems use cutting edge technology to generate electrical power, along with thermal power recovered from the natural gas engine. Though a valuable source of energy, thermal power is usually lost in electrical production in the form of waste heat. However, captured and recycled thermal power can be used for very energy demanding heating processes, such as heating spaces and water. The benefit to customers is a dramatic reduction in their energy costs. The societal benefit is likewise impressive, with CHP efficiency typically twice that of conventional utility power, reduction in carbon emissions are inversely proportional, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 50% or more. CHP is recommended as a preferred resource option for the future by many notable environmental groups such as the Sierra Club, Greenpeace, and the America Council for Energy Efficient Economy.


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