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AFG-2000, AFG-100 Series Tecpel Co., Ltd.

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function generator function generator - AFG-2000, AFG-100 Series


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The user-friendly interface of AFG-2100/2000 Series allows the user to set waveform parameters, including waveform type, frequency, amplitude, DC offset, modulation type, and duty cycle, through keypad entry and/or the knob selection, and display the set parameters on the 3.5” LCD screen. The AFG-2100/2000 Series is equipped with a USB Device interface for remote control and waveform editing through a PC. A waveform editing software is provided to facilitate the waveform creation on the PC. After the waveform editing is done, the user is able to download the waveform data from PC to the AFG-2100/2000 Series for signal output.