Oil mist collector / filtration media

TK-OEN 2500

Mobile suction unit including three filter stages. The cleaned air can be
returned to the working space. An aluminium filter forms the first filter
stage. This is where a majority of the extracted oils and emulsions already
condense. A pocket filter with a large surface, specially developed for oil mist, forms the second filter stage and ensures the separation of the finest oil drops.

The large filter surface ensures excellentseparation efficiency. The final filter stage consists of a special filter appropriated for oil and emulsion mist. The extracted oils and liquids are collected in a tank and can be
discharged by a ball valve. A stable steel plate construction with a continuous powder coating guarantees a low maintenance operation even
under rough conditions. The unit is fitted with a high-capacity fan with high negative pressure that guarantees a high volumetric flow even
if the filter is saturated.


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