wireless door opening detector / magnet contact
Astra-3321 Teko-TD



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    wireless, magnet contact


Wireless magnet contact door opening detector;
Frequency range 433 MHz;
It has anti-tampering switch on-board and additional input for connecting external hardwired magnet contacts;
Wireless coverage range - 300 m (direct view);

The detector is intended for detecting opening or movement of structures made of magnetically non-conducting materials (aluminum, wood, plastic, etc.), forming alarm notifications and transmitting notifications to a receiver of the wireless alarm system Observer I

Technical Parameters of Magnet-Steered Contact:
Number of actuations, max 106
Actuation distance, mm, from 20 to 30
Recovery distance, mm, from 13 to 23

Operating Conditions
Temperature, °С from - 30 up to + 50
Relative air humidity, % up to 95 at + 35 °С
without moisture condensation