wireless alarm control panel
Astra-712 Pro Teko-TD



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Astra-712 Pro is an alarm system control panel. Optimal for small and mid-size installations.
4 on-board hardwired zones (alarm loops).
Embedded power supply 12V DC.
Supports connection of external wieless zones expanders WE 2.4 or WE 433. Up to 4 expanders are supported.
Supports up to 48 wireless zones 433 MHz by using one expander WE 433 and 250 wireless zones 2.4 GHz by using one expander WE 2.4.
Compatible with communication modules Astra-GSM, Astra-LAN, Astra-PSTN. 1 slot for module installation.
Supports alarm system control via AstraMobile app (Android/iOS) provided Astra-LAN module is installed.
Supplied from external power supply unit 12V DC.