Printed circuit board electromechanical relay / 24V DC / 24V AC / 220 Vac
RP 1CO TELE Haase Steuergeraete GmbH


  • Control voltage:

    24V DC, 220 Vac, 24V AC

  • Contact configuration:

    1 NO/NC

  • Other characteristics:

    monostable, weld-on, plug-in, power, coupling, compact, for printed circuit boards

  • Switching current:

    Min.: 5 mA

    Max.: 16 A


Our potential separation relays are compact and come with 2 changeover contacts with a switching capacity of 8A each. They are suitable for industrial control gears and the design facilitates direct DIN rail mounting. Optional socket-pluggable indicator or protection modules can be provided on request.

Our Coupling relays come with one 16 A change over contact and can be easily plugged or soldered to PCBs.


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