video corpo

radio receiver / for radio remote control / compact / IP66
TG-R4-4x series Tele Radio


  • Type:


  • Applications:

    for radio remote control

  • Other characteristics:

    compact, IP66


An extensive range of µUSB 2.0 connectors are made available by the revolutionary connector manufacturer Global Connector Technology. These are high quality and are considered to be the standard interface port for Smartphone in Europe. It is available in two formats, A and A/B with a wide range of PCB mounting styles which includes standard (bottom PCB) mount, mid mount and reverse (top PCB) mount. The mid mount versions can be used in applications where height is critical. The vertical thru hole version by the GCT has metal shellstakes for strength. The straight version has a design alternative to the prevalent horizontal part in the market. Optional metal stakes are and plastic pegs are for ensuring that your design is robust and a vertical thru hole version allows alternative design orientation. All parts are rated to 10,000 cycles ensuring durability an all the applications including the USB O-T-G (On The Go). If you are facing a space critical design problem or need to move to a low cost source, the GCT has the product . . .


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