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thermal mass flow controller / for sour gas / digital / with analog output
HFM-D, HFC-D series Teledyne Hastings Instruments



  • Technology:

    thermal mass

  • Fluid:

    for sour gas

  • Other characteristics:

    digital, with analog output

  • Flow rate:

    Max.: 10 m³/min (2,642 ft³/min)

    Min.: 5 m³/min (177 ft³/min)

  • Pressure:

    500 psi


The most recent development by Teledyne Hastings Instruments is the digital version of the popular high-capacity flow instrument, the new release of digital instrumentation that allows measurement and/or control of up to 10,000slm. The new line enhances the existing lower flow Digital Metaline(R) (5sccm to 30slm). Both product lines, the digital metaline and new high capacity digital flow instruments provide flow meters along with control with excellent accuracy.

With the lower flow units with all metal seals, there is a 4µ-inch Ra that allows flow rates up to 10slm. There are provisions for multiple gas calibrations and stored gas conversion factors. These are key features that separate such instrumentation from analog versions. Both the digital metaline and high-capacity digital flow instruments come with a flexible operation with ±12, ±15 or 24VDC power supply and transparency in operation in digital and analog modes.

Now you can get the performance of the advanced Digital 300 Series of Mass Flow Meters and Controllers in an IP-67 rated enclosure.
The IP, or Ingress Protection rating, describes the instrument’s ability to operate in challenging environments. The first number, 6, indicates that the flow instrument has total protection against dust. The second number, 7, refers to protection from liquids.