wastewater sampler / composite / refrigerated
6712FR Teledyne Isco



  • Sample type:


  • Technology:

    composite, refrigerated


The 6712FR is a sequential or composite refrigerated sampler designed to withstand the harshest indoor or outdoor environments. It features our unequalled "FR" model corrosion-proof refrigerator cabinet molded from polyester resin fiberglass and supported by a stainless steel frame. A UV-resistant gel coat provides a smooth, non-porous finish for added protection and easy cleaning. Thick, foamed-in-place insulation helps keep samples preserved at the EPA-recommended 39°F (4°C). An automatically controlled, built-in heater ensures that samples won't freeze.

The heart of the 6712FR is ISCO's advanced 6712 Controller. It allows you to select different programming modes to assure the most suitable routine for your application. Programming is fast and simple, with on-line help just a key stroke away.

In Standard Programming Mode, the controller walks you through the sampling sequence step-by-step, allowing you to choose all parameters specific to your application. Extended Programming Mode lets you enter more complex programs including “smart sampling” event notification, triggered on any combination of up to 16 inputs.