volatile organic compound sampler / headspace / automatic / for gas chromatography
Versa Teledyne Tekmar


  • Sample type:

    volatile organic compound

  • Technology:

    headspace, automatic

  • Applications:

    for gas chromatography


Static headspace is one of the most popular techniques due to its versatility for analyzing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in a complex variety of matrices. This is due to the elimination of tedious sample preparation steps and prevents contamination problems that are common to other sample introduction techniques. Teledyne Tekmar draws on our experience as a leader in low-level VOC analysis with the introduction of this companion autosampler to the Headspace product line.

Versa is the perfect solution for applications which require all the advantages of headspace analysis and is economical to fit any budget.​
Applications and Industries

The Versa can quickly and accurately identify residual solvents in bulk or finished pharmaceuticals as prescribed in the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) and it meets all of the guidelines per USP Method .

Other applications include:

Dissolved Gas Analysis per Method RSK-175
Contaminants in packaging materials
Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in drinking water, wastewater, and soils
Screening of high level samples with EPA Method 5021
China Environmental Method GB-5749
Flavor and Fragrance profiling
Forensics and Toxicology