swivel caster / base plate / steel / polyurethane
63GH series, Vulkollan® Tellure Rôta



  • Type:


  • Mount:

    base plate

  • Other characteristics:

    steel, polyurethane, cast iron, for trolleys, for forklift trucks, for pallets

  • Wheel diameter:

    Min.: 80 mm

    Max.: 300 mm

  • Load capacity:

    Min.: 150 kg (331 lb)

    Max.: 2,000 kg (4,409 lb)


Ideal for applications with heavy duty loads, even with mechanical handling at high
speeds. Fitted with appropriate brackets, they guarantee excellent performance up
to 16 km/h.
Excellent rolling resistance.
Examples of recommended applications: trolleys for indoor industrial handling, AGV
trolleys, containers, electrical pallet trucks, forklift trucks.