capacity discharge welder / thermocouple / AC
SR48 Temperature Technology Ltd



  • Technique:

    capacity discharge

  • Other characteristics:

    thermocouple, AC


The SR48 represents the machine for capacitance discharge welding.
It is designed according to the mixture of best features of the SR80 and SR50 type welders.
It offers great advantages for a very low price.
The machine is applicable for the fast production of thermocouple junctions and other fine wire welds.
The SR48 has an output of 48 joules over 2 power ranges which provide for two wires of up to 1.1mm diameter each to be welded.
There are also available the optional pen and plate which can facilitate with specific impact welding applications as well as an optional foot switch.
The welding capacity reaches 2 x 1.1 mm.
Its energy output is between 0 and 48 joules.
Needed power supply is 220/240V AC. Version with 100/120V AC is also available.
It has one year warranty as standard.
The package includes magnifier, 2 spare carbons, UK or European power cable, pliers, red filter, allen key, lead and clip.