TIG welding machine / AC / automatic / single-phase
MM01 Temperature Technology Ltd



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The MI Thermocouple welding machine incorporates a new weld torch assembly and a
new vice jaw arrangement for easier changing of thermocouple sizes.
This machine is specifically designed for welding the hot junctions of mineral insulated
thermocouples. Either Earthed (Bonded) Junction or Insulated Junction welds can be
accommodated. The machine will weld thermocouples from 1.0mm to 6.0 mm outside
diameter. The welder is divided into two sections to accommodate the two different
welding processes associated with the junction of an MI thermocouple.
• Welds all Mineral Insulated thermocouples from 1.0mm to
• Fully automatic weld cycle under microprocessor control.
• Both conductors and sheath closure weld carried out on one
• Removable Microscope included with optical light guide for
maximum visibility.
• Separate weld actions for conductors and sheath closure (CD
& TIG).
• Automatic recharge on CD ready for next weld.
• TIG weld has slope-up and slope-down functions for accurate
weld control envelope.
• Bench mounted.
• Single phase supply.