Bottle rinser / blowing machine


The semi-automatic blowing machine can blow the internal surface of every kind of bottle from 0,2 to 2 lt.

The output rate, influenced by the operator, is about 700 bottles/hour: The blowing machine is equipped with a filter to be connected to the external compressor; the filter is meant to hold the oil that can be mixed in the air compressed.

A secondary input allows to feed the machine with nitrogen.


The semi-automatic rinsing machine washes the bottles and jars internal surface. It can work with every kind of container from 0,2 to 2 lt.

The productivity, influenced by the operator is about 700 bottles/hour and the water consumption is 0,2 litres/bottle, if the machine is connected to a direct water source with drain.

The rinsing machine is equipped with a basin for water and disinfectant containment. This solution is pumped at pressure to the two nozzles.

The same machine can be provided with basin and electropump. In this case, the basin can be filled with water and disinfectant, to be injected in the bottles and that will pumped in the basin for the following cycles. We suggest to substitute the solution after a 2 hours production.


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