Twist-off cap capper / for plastic screw cap
500 - 600 p/h Tenco


  • Product application:

    for plastic screw cap, for twist-off caps


The Twist Off Pneumatic Capper is a high quality device specifically used for plastic screw caps. It is an air-manipulated capper especially created to close any specific applications easily. The high quality capper has the ability to close glass and plastic containers. It is also used when the user or the operator put the cap within the cap pusher and press the buttons located at the sides of the base.The closing head goes down towards the cap and closes it while a pneumatic system blocks the container keeping it from rotating. The pneumatic clutch has the capacity to be manually operated between 1,5 and 9, 5 Nm or 0, 4 and 4 Nm depending on the torque required to be able to close the cap securely and properly.


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