Drying cabinet
max. 1 634 x 610 x 1 524 mm Terra Universal Inc.

Curing/Drying Cabinet
- Provides continuous wash of filtered air (HEPA or ULPA) for clean, controlled adhesive curing, PC board drying, and parts storage
- Exhaust purification system removes odors and chemical vapors from air-stream for safe indoor release
- 304 Stainless steel shelves can be adjusted on racks to accommodate various part sizes
Select static-dissipative PVC storage cabinets for maximum static and particle control

This versatile cabinet is ideal for drying PC boards after epoxy coating or solvent cleaning, as well as in other applications requiring a high-volume wash of particle-free air to dry and clean sensitive materials.

Dual Filtering Capability Removes Particles and Fumes
These versatile cabinets can be equipped to provide dual filtration. A powerful 740 CFM blower with adjustable speed controls forces incoming air through a HEPA particle filter, rated 99.99% efficient with particles 0.3 µm in diameter, and then horizontally through the storage area (99.999% ULPA filters are also available).

The filtered air exits the cabinet through perforations on the opposing wall of the cabinet. Systems are also available with a filter housing on the exhaust side to facilitate final filtration (either HEPA or ULPA).


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