piezoresistive vacuum gauge / digital / with controller
Terra Universal Inc.



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  • Other characteristics:

    with controller

  • Vacuum range:

    Max.: 800 mbar (11.603019018 psi)

    Min.: 0 mbar (0 psi)


This automatic Vacuum Control Module is designed to solve several problems associated with vacuum pumping.

First, it controls pump operation to maintain a preset vacuum level (to 800 torr) in a remote vacuum chamber or vacuum furnace. This automatic vacuum control is especially important in testing or processing applications that require sustained exposure to a precisely regulated vacuum level.

Secondly, it helps extend the service life of your vacuum pump by allowing continuous pump operation. Repeated starts and stops, especially under existing vacuum pressure, can lead to backstreaming of pump oil into the vacuum line, resulting in contamination and premature pump failure. The Vacuum Control Module eliminates this problem by switching an optional solenoid vacuum valve on and off, which in turn controls vacuum pressure in the processing chamber.