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calcination furnace / tunnel / gas / CO2



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The FERCALX VERTICAL LIME KILN *Three Way Pressure System* is today economically and technically wise - the most updated solution available in the market as far as the limestone calcination process is concerned.
Single Shaft Kiln combines the simplicity of its concept with advanced technology to reach top performances, producing calcitic quicklime and dolomitic lime for all industrial needs. Innovative solutions certificated by several Patents and Pending Patents applied to the kiln system, allow to obtain very high flexibility in terms of lime quality for both CO2 residual content ( < 1,5 %) and lime reactivity (SOFT BURNT - T60 from less than 30 seconds up to 3 minutes MEDIUM BURNT - T60 from 3 to 5 minutes HARD BURNT - T60 from 5 to 20 minutes) and fuel consumption ( < 880 Kcal/Kg of lime). The FERCALX VERTICAL LIME KILN can be heated either with 100% Blast Furnace Gas or with any other type of Lean Gas, Natural Gas, SynGas, Pulverized Solid Fuel and/or Fuel Oil. Reliability and consistency in the operation and performances are distinctive features.
The updated version of the traditional Burner Beam, that is today the TT BURNER BEAM, allows very intimate control of all the operating parameters of the lime kiln. In fact, fine control of the flow, temperature and pressure of the primary and secondary combustion air in combination with fuel flow and negative pressure inside the shaft, as well as residence time of the limestone/lime inside the shaft kiln are process parameters that are automatically controlled in every FERCALX VERTICAL LIME KILN *Three Way Pressure System* . CFD is a valid method used to support the design of the FERCALX VERTICAL LIME KILN.