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ASTM F 1921-98 Testing Machines Inc

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automatic heat sealer / cap automatic heat sealer / cap - ASTM F 1921-98


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  • Width:

    Min.: 3 mm

    Max.: 25 mm


Lako Tool's SL10 Hot Tack Tester & Seal Tester, is the most precise and consistent heat seal tester in the packaging industry!

Testing capabilities include: heat sealing, heat seal testing and hot tack testing. The SL-10 Hot Tack and Heat Seal Tester provides critical information needed to determine ideal sealing conditions for packaging films.
SL10 Hot Tack Tester & Seal Tester

Standard Features
- Conforms to ASTM F1921 for hot tack seal testing
- Direct touch color screen
- Computer controlled pressure, temperature and dwell time
- Ethernet port, Printer Port, 2 USB Ports, PS/2 Keyboard Port, VGA Monitor Port
- Independent upper & lower sealing temperatures
- Dual load cells for consistent sealing surface pressure
- Measures actual dwell time on the sealing sample
- Safety guards and switches for safe operation
- Case with hardware
- Conforms to ASTM F2029 Standard Practices for Making Heatseals for Determination of Heatsealability of Flexible Webs as Measured by Seal Strength
Benefits of the SL10 Hot Tack Tester
& Seal Tester
The SL10 Hot Tack Tester & Seal Tester's touch-screen computer allows the operator to quickly change key parameters such as pressure, temperature and dwell time.

The built-in dual-load cells measure the actual force applied to the film. The computer controlled temperature is assured to +/-2°F across the entire width of the film sample.

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