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    for film

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The Falling Dart Impact Tester is intended for the determination of mechanical properties of packaging material such as plastic films, laminates and paper.

The tester comprises a horizontal base-plate on which a vertical column of steel has been erected and which on its top carries a release mechanism in which the falling dart can be inserted.

The dart consists of a hemispherical part of aluminium with polished surface and a diameter of 38.1 mm (1.5 in.), having a vertical shaft in the center of the flat top surface. Around the shaft additional weights can be fitted.

On the base-plate in the vertical center line of the inserted dart, a circular clamping device has been fitted. This clamping device consists of a firm and a movable cylinder, both having an inner diameter of 127 mm (5 in.).

By means of a handle operated excenter, a sample can be clamped slippage free between both cylinders.

The bottom of the firm cylinder has been provided with a 2-3 mm thick disc of soft rubber in order to eliminate damage of the falling dart.

Falling Height: 660 mm (26 in.)
Weight of falling dart without additional weights: 50 g ± 0.5%
Additional weights: 5 pcs. of 5 g ± 0.5%
25 pcs. of 15 g ± 0.5%
5 pcs. of 100 g ± 0.5%
Falling speed on sample: Approx. 3.5 m/sec.
Meets ASTM Standard D 1709-62 Procedure A
Commercial Standard CS 227-59
TNO-Standard I.v.V. 2.15 1968

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