paper moisture meter / dielectric / with digital display / portable
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    for paper

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    with digital display, portable


The Portable Moisture Meter is a micro-controller based instrument that permits instantaneous nondestructive moisture measurement on all types of paper and paperboard.

For immediate, measurement of moisture on moving or stationary rolls, stacks, or reams of paper and paper board. The paper industry has long recognized the need for rapid on-line moisture measurement to assure efficient energy usage and a high yield of quality paper.

The instrument is built a rugged, portable instrument which truly excels in measurement accuracy. It measures the moisture of a variety of materials by determining its dielectric constant, which is related to its moisture content. Eight readings are taken and the average is displayed as one moisture reading. A new average is taken every half (0.5) second.

bleached sulfite board • bonds • corrugating medium • creped wadding • disposable diapers• envelope stock • fiber mat • glassine• hardboard • jute • kraft • liner board • newsprint • nonwovens • paper • paper board • particle board (½” thick) • pulp sheets • roofing paper • sheet plastics (PVC and acrylic) • tissue • tobacco paper • toweling • tube sock ·waxed release

- Field Selection of up to 11 Calibration Curves Pairs
- Measures 0 to 15 percent Moisture Range
- Heavy Gauge Stainless Steel Rollers
- Double Sealed Precision Bearings
- Recessed Digital LED Display calibrated directly in percent moisture
- Internal electrical standard assures calibration accuracy
- Lead Acid Gel Rechargeable Battery
- Aluminum enclosure
- Calibrations programmed in micro-controller
- Complete with Automatic Battery Charger and Carrying Case

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