paper moisture meter / by resistivity measurement / with digital display / portable
53-45 Testing Machines Inc



  • Measured material:

    for paper

  • Technology:

    by resistivity measurement

  • Other characteristics:

    with digital display, portable


The Model DC-2000-BP is calibrated to test the moisture content in bales of scrap paper materials. This easy to-operate instrument can be used in factories, mills and yards.

The DC-2000-BP operates by means of a circuit that measures DC resistance in the range of 100,000 megohms to .02 megohms.Using the Electrode Probe, the actual moisture reading occurs across the insulated portion of the probe, which is located one inch from the tip. Thus the probe can be pushed through a wet surface to give an accurate reading of the moisture below, at any depth or successive depths. The probe 1/4” in diameter and 5 inches long with a rounded tip and is constructed of stainless steel along with Teflon® and Delrin® plastics for highest quality insulation and freedom from corrosion.

Buying excess moisture means paying paper prices for water. And, if the bales are too wet, they can cause problems during the processing steps to follow. Overall average moisture content is important, but since bales dry on the outer surface first, it is also very important to find moisture pockets that are buried beneath the apparently dry surface. The DC-2000-BP will quickly pay for itself by making quick, simple tests for moisture at selected locations of representative bales.

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